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Do You have a podcast that needs fresh new content? Do you want more listeners? Do want to bring on some experts in your field? Do you want to find ways to repurpose your content? Do you need to refocus your subject matter? Would like to transmit more energy to your listeners?

Through, Patricia Raskin, with almost 4 decades of broadcast, internet, cable and podcast experience, can help you. With her experience, skill and passion, she will help you to improve and enhance your podcast as well as the opportunity to create a new one.

Below are the steps we take together to Improve Your Podcast!

1. Listen & Critique

• Review podcast content and flow.
• Listen for tone and modulation.
• Assess energy and enthusiasm.

2. Evaluate on Zoom Call

• Discuss episode critique with the client.
• Suggest improvements.
• Implement changes by client.

3. Follow-up & Reassess

• Deliver critique of new episode.
• Adjust the content and delivery of podcast.
• Design implementation plan.

"Patricia Raskin produces the Dr. A Show on WHNZ for host Dr. Will Aguila. I’ve watched as she lands major experts and celebrities including Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Andrew Weil, and Richard Simmons. Patricia serves as the liaison between Dr. Aguila, our programming team and production staff. She is highly effective at keeping all lines of communication open. The Dr. A Show is an extremely professional program with excellent content and great talent. Patricia’s skill and hands-on approach are behind the fast-rising success of that show.”

Tom Doyle, The Doctor A Show

Over 3 Decades of Media Experience!

Patricia Raskin, President of Raskin Resources Productions, is recognized as the “powerhouse voice” of positive lifestyle and aging and “positive media” pioneer for almost four decades. An award winning producer and business owner, Patricia has been hosting and producing media programs and serving as a catalyst for creating positive change and was one of the first to create positive programs on the internet.

Her work as a podcast consultant and coach is to help podcast hosts develop or to improve their content, format, style delivery and marketing to reach audiences with the “know, like and trust factor.”​

Patricia’s programs have aired on FOX, PBS, NPR affiliates and Cumulus Broadcasting’s affiliate WPRO. Her internet radio & podcast program, The Patricia Raskin Positive Living Show, is currently heard in its eighteenth year, on and iTunes.

In her career, Patricia has conducted over 3,000 interviews including the renowned Maya Angelou, Marianne Williamson, Jane Seymour, Jack Canfield, Dr. Memhet Oz and Joan Lunden among many other notables.

Patricia is a recipient of the 2015 Rhode Island Small Business Administration Award and the 2001 Circle of Excellence Media Award from the American Sociey of Plastic Surgeons.

"I worked with Patricia as a show coach. She did an outstanding job. She helped me with the wording to describe my show, we worked together on the title, the intros, and the outros. She coached me in presentation styles and gave me many helpful pointers and recommendations. After every session, she sent thorough notes so I wouldn’t forget anything! It was a pleasure to work with Patricia and I highly recommend her coaching skills."

Liz Lewinson, Zen Feminism for Men and Women Show

Podcast Q&A

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What should my Focus be/my topic be?

Whatever your clients and customers need most. Answer the questions they frequently ask and focus on topics that address common problems.

Do I need to have guests, and if I do, who do I choose?

Guests can help you grow your audience. The more popular and well-known the guest is, the more listeners you will have.

What makes a listener tune in/tune out?

They tune in because they like what you say, how you say it, and they need the information. They tune out because the content is boring, they are not getting what they need, or the technical quality is poor.

"I have always wanted to have my own podcast. Patricia made it so easy. She helped me think through a series and what it might look like, working in commercials and making it sound natural so I would not lose listeners. I really feel that the time I spent with Patricia was so valuable to creating my story and this podcast is going on my blog and website."

Michelle Girasole, Fresh Rebellion Podcast

No matter where your show is heard, we can help you.


"I have to say that from the beginning, working with Patricia has been great. She has narrowed down my topics with me, helped me figure out my formatting and outlining, practiced and coached me on how to make my podcasts engaging, and involve the listener as a part of the conversation. I hope to elevate my business to the next level through my podcast with Patricia Raskin."

Jane McAuliffe, Covering You A$ets During Divorce Podcast